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Mobile Mechanic Of San Diego 

4438 Bancroft St.
San Diego, California 92116
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\"What started as a love of working on vehicles for family and friends son turned into the start of something very different a long time ago. It wasn’t long before a second mechanic was needed to make frequent trips to help a family member who had broken down or a friend of a friend who had the number, and needed an honest mechanic in San Diego to take a look at their vehicle.

Looking at the number of callouts we were making all those years ago, there never seemed to be the need for a brick and mortar garage, and the idea was born of being strictly mobile.

Leap forward over 15-years, and the company now has a fleet of mechanics who grew up in the area and are as passionate about their job as how the company was in the beginning. Their vehicles are crammed full of the latest gear to make sure they can fix almost any vehicle breakdown, or carry out any car service in any location.


Robert Thompson