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Reset Mind & Body Float Therapy 

4967 Newport Ave, Ste 10,
San Diego, California 92107
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Reset Mind & Body Float Therapy is a float spa located in Ocean Beach, San Diego. Float effortlessly in a light and sound free float tank filled with 12 inches of skin temperature water (94-95°), and 1000 lbs of dissolved Epsom Salt. Completely isolating the senses allow the mind and the body to completely relax, resulting in reducing stress, anxiety, depression, accessing deeper meditative states. While floating weightless, your body absorbs the Epsom salt, reducing inflammation, chronic pain, soothing muscle and joint pain, while softening the skin and hair. A float therapy session is like pressing a reset button for the mind and body, clearing out noise in the mind, and finding relief from gravity. We operate the same tanks as mentioned on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.


Nikki Ruesch