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Perlman Clinic 

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3900 Fifth Ave., #110
San Diego, California 92103
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Our Hillcrest clinic is located at the epicenter of Hillcrest at the corner of University and 5th Avenue. Our new office is under construction on the ground floor of the landmark Union Bank building adjacent to the historic Hillcrest sign. Until the new office is opened in October, come visit us on the 2nd floor. Our new office will have 7 exam rooms and can be entered from either University Avenue or from the elevators from the under-ground parking structure exiting at the courtyard.


Primary Care:

General Health Issues

Minor Injuries

Preventive Medicine And Wellness

Annual Physical Exams And Routine Checkups

Referrals To Specialists

Urgent Care:

Fever, Cold, or Flu

Minor Allergic Reactions

Asthma Attacks

Ear Or Sinus Pain

Nausea, Vomiting, Or Diarrhea


Sore Throat

Frequent Or Painful Urination

Heat Stroke


Minor Sports Injuries


Perlman Clinic