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San Diego Water Damage Pro 

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9960 Dauntless St
San Diego, California 92126
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There’s nothing that ruins your day more than floodwater damage to your property. Contact your professionals at 24HR San Diego Water Damage Pro today.

Unwanted presence of water in your property has quite the destructive effects on any indoor environment. Floodwater and even excessive moisture can quickly result to the deterioration of structures of your home or place of business. Floodwater problems become even graver when the clean-up, drying, and disinfection processes are delayed.

When water damage restoration is delayed, the physical integrity of damped carpets, soaked flooring and wet furniture gets compromised. More often than not, this results to property damage that is otherwise unnecessary. What’s more is that the bad odor that results from floodwater contamination will stink up your place. Worst of all, floodwater contamination often pose increased health risks to property residents.


Terry Taylor