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TrueBlue Funding 

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750 B St
San Diego, California 92101
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True Blue was created out of a desire to completely change the way the mortgage business is done, and while we can‘t control all aspects of the home buying process, we are determined to simplify the process, at least, the mortgage side of it. It's our belief that buying a home (or refinancing one) should not be like going to the dentist.

We think it should be a fun experience, and while we are not giving loans out like candy, like they were in the day, we do believe we can get loans approved quickly and painlessly. The fact that you have to document your income and assets, should not make it a difficult process. Quite the contrary; since most documents are now available online, it should make the process easier than in the past. The fact the documents are now digital should make lost copies a thing of the past.


Glenn Wilbor
(858) 943-2583