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Steve Drimmel Photography 

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San Deigo, California 92040

Own and operate my own photography business specializing in commercial photography. Includes lifestyle, product and portrait shots for clients such as P&G, Virtue Bikes, Jazzercise Inc., Full Swing Golf, Sprung Hockey Frames, Ranch and Coast Magazine, Stone Brewing Company and more. I not only capture the vision set forth by each client, but I am an integral member of the job’s conceptualization, working closely with Creative Directors, Art Directors and Account Executives. As the sole photographer, I also organize each shoot from start to finish. This includes in-studio prepping and styling of products, setting up lighting and digital equipment, or preparing all the different variables for a location shoot involving talent. Each job I shoot is delivered with meticulous retouching, expert color correction and a positive attitude that ensures lasting, successful relationships between myself and my clients.


Steve Drimmel